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Cowboy R and the Renewed Failure

So, I'm unemployed. Again.

It started with the tooth. I could say a great many words about the new phone mine; about the failures of their HR staff to get ready for incoming people, but I won't bother. What's more important right now is that they had a draconian attendance policy. Technically, they could have fired me for having missed three days over the tooth going bad, but they put me on final written warning instead.

Then they put me on a special queue answering questions for a particular client. This particular client had different rules than the general run of clients. One of those rules is that you can't talk to people's spouses about the medications they're taking, unless written permission from that spouse is on file.

So yesterday, a guy called in whose wife has dementia, and he's managing her medications for her. And I didn't check to be sure the documents were in place; I just helped him manage her medications. Well, you know how you always hear the voice say "this call may be monitored for quality or training purposes?" They pulled that call to monitor my quality.

So, an infraction that would normally have resulted in a written warning, because I was already on the final written warning, got me "terminated." So here I am. Unemployed again.

Came home, sat down to watch some Orphan Black. Played some DC Universe Online. Took a nap. Stared into the abyss.


Nov. 25th, 2015 04:17 am (UTC)
I don't see that as a failure. You couldn't control what happened with the tooth or how long it took to fix it. You weren't in control of the attendance policy. The fact that you ran afoul of it isn't your failure. It's just something that happened, and you didn't like being there anyway, so now you aren't wasting time at a job you hate. Which frees you to find one you might actually like.


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