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Answer for question 4586.

Have you or will you buy tickets for tonight's Powerball drawing (currently estimated at $475 million for the jackpot)? What's the first thing you'd do if you checked your numbers and saw that you'd hit "the big one"?
You just reminded me to go out and purchase a ticket, so thanks.

I keep a list, actually, of things I would do if lots of money abruptly came my way. A scholarship fund at Pima College and / or Northern Arizona University for men going into nursing, with preference to veterans. A library of sustainable technologies and the skills required to use them. A multi-discipline school of the sword. College funds for the red-headed cousins and their little brother.

But I think the import of this question is, what's the impulse thing, the "Woo, I have money!" thing that I'd do? The nature of the word "impulse" suggests that I don't know, and it could very well end up being hookers and blow... but knowing me, it would probably be an Indian Scout motorcycle, or something equally on the edge of practicality.


Jan. 6th, 2016 10:45 pm (UTC)
Well, I'd find a few people to split it with, since so much goes in taxes anyway. Probably wouldn't lower my own portion much at all! I'd love to see you win and have some money to endow things you love and get that Scout! I'm sure you are smart enough not to be one of those who wins and is bankrupt in a year! I know I'd want a good accountant right away. Even if 70% went in taxes, that's almost 150 million dollars!


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